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4 Ways Wooden Watches are Environmentally Friendly

What Makes Wood Watches Environmentally Friendly?

There are MANY reasons wooden watches are Eco-Friendly!  We will name the top four reasons (at least in our opinion)....

Are you looking for simple ways to make your lifestyle a little greener? As concerns about climate change and environmental sustainability become increasingly prominent, you inevitably  end up spending more time thinking about the all of the ways that your actions can impact the planet--including the choices you make about your apparel and accessories. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly watch, a wood watch is an ideal choice. There are multiple aspects of wood watches that make them more sustainable than other timepieces, including the following:


  • Wood watches are sourced from recycled materials.

When you look at market figures for the best selling watches, it is impossible not to notice that almost all of them are made with precious metals, such as gold, titanium, silver, palladium, and copper. These metals are extremely difficult to extract from the earth, so every watch contributes to ongoing environmental damage. In contrast, wood watches come from 100 percent recycled wood--an undeniably eco-friendly material. 

  • Wood watches do not include toxic dyes and unnatural chemicals.

Many traditional watchmakers color their watches using unnatural dyes that are energy-intensive to synthesize and impossible to break down when the watch eventually ends up in a landfill. In contrast, the paints and dyes used for wood watches are all-natural and contain no harmful preservatives that could cause long-term damage to the earth. 

  • You can shop for wood watches online. 

You might not think about it, but driving around to brick-and-mortar stores, searching for the perfect watch, can actually end up wasting a lot of gas, which is a nonrenewable resource. To avoid this energy expenditure, you can search for high-quality wood watches online and get them shipped directly to your home. This strategy not only simplifies the shopping process for you, but it is also better for the planet as a whole. 

  • Wood watch providers give back to the planet. 

Most wood watchmakers truly care about the environment--after all, their products rely on the earth’s natural resources! Therefore, most are eager to support environmental sustainability efforts. For instance, one company plants a tree for every wood watch it sells, which can help reduce the global effects of deforestation and stabilize atmospheric carbon levels. There are also wood watch companies that donate to other causes related to environmental awareness. As a result, your purchase is sure to have a net benefit for the planet!


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