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5 Gifts that are Better in Wood

As Christmas approaches, and the notorious Black Friday, many people are stumped about what to get their loved ones for gifts. They want something unique but useful, beautiful but agreeable. The quest for the perfect present can be long and arduous. 

Today, that search is over. Finding the perfect gift does not have to be difficult! It just needs to include wood! Everyday items that people use mindlessly are made special with wood. Don’t spend another minute stressing over gift ideas. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

5 Gifts that are Better in Wood


If you have not seen wooden watches, you are missing out on a beautiful trend in the watch industry. Wooden watches capture everyone’s eye because they stand out, yet they match with everything. Each wooden watch is one-of-a-kind, ecologically-friendly, and sure to please the man or woman in your life. Additionally, buying wooden watches often helps the environment, and wooden watch makers focus philanthropic efforts on preventing deforestation and creating sustainable forests. 

Smartphone Case:

What used to be a trend of who could put the most bling on their smartphone is thankfully over, and it has been replaced with elegance. Let your loved one surf the net in style with a wooden case. They add a little bit of the natural world in to a world that has be infiltrated with technology. 



People wear sunglasses as much for fashion as they do sun protection, and rocking a wooden pair of sunglasses is a fashion win! Men and women look amazing in wooden watches. Even Beyoncé has been seen sporting a pair. 


Belts are meant to wrap around your waist, and wood is not known for its wrapping potential. However, wooden belts do the job! They are made from wooden links, sort of like wooden watch bands. Very stylish, and super versatile. 


Wooden rings offer an alternative to metal that is light and comfortable. They can be worn as an accessory or as a more symbolic gesture such as engagement or marriage. The greatest part of giving a wooden ring as a gift is watching them open the coolest, most unique, beautiful gift ever!

When searching for gift ideas, find wood as an exciting way to light up your loved one’s eyes on Christmas. All Christmas gifts tell your loved one that you are thinking of them and wanted to give them something to bring happiness, but wooden Christmas gifts tell them that you went the extra mile to find the best.