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Five Reasons a Tense Watch is the Right Choice

Tense Wooden Watches was founded in 1971 by Ken P. Lau. He had been in the clock designing business since 1957 and focused on watch creation one decade previous to the founding of his wooden wristwatch company. With almost 50 years of experience, Lau has pioneered the wooden watchmaking industry with precision and a mindset of excellence. As a result, Tense watches are some of the finest wooden watches in the world. 

Five Reasons to Buy a Tense Watch

1. Ecologically-friendly: All Tense Wooden Watches are made from recycled or reclaimed wood. In a world where consumerism is in competition with the idea of reduce-reuse-recycle, Tense Wooden Watches allow for a combination of environmental responsibility and a sense of fashion. 

2. One-of-a-kind: Because each watch is made from wood, and wood has what essentially amounts to a fingerprint, each Tense Wooden Watch is unique. When looking at the band of a Tense Watch, it is interesting to consider the source of the wood. Was it a fallen log in a meadow in the British Colombian forests, or was in once belonging to a log structure? The possibilities are endless!

3. Movement: All Tense Wooden Watches are powered by either Miyota Watch Movements or Rondo 6004.D Swiss Movements. Both are high-quality watch movements, and Miyota movements (owned by Citizen LTD) are also used in Bulova, Citizen, and other highly-recognized fashion watches. With parts consisting of Japanese quartz movements, your watch is sure to last a long while. 

4. Hand-manufactured: Tense Wooden Watches are each handcrafted, which is a testament to their quality design. There are not major flaws or mass-production snags accompanied with a Tense watch, and because they are all handcrafted, they are also hand-inspected. No rough edges or faulty clasps because they’ve each been individually tested. 

5. Comfort: The last but not least benefit to owning a Tense Wooden Watch is its comfort. Not only are the watches sleekly designed and lightweight, but they are hypoallergenic. Any exposed metal components are made from hypoallergenic stainless steel, and the majority of it is made from wood, which is unlikely to ignite allergies. As stated before, the watches are handcrafted, so links interlock smoothly, and many wooden watch wearers forget about the fashionable item on their wrist. 

After reviewing Tense Wooden Watches, it is astonishing that the fashion of these watches was not mentioned. However, we feel like the fashion goes without saying, and these watches are a statement whether in a casual or a formal setting. They are definitely something to consider when purchasing a new watch.

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