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Wood Watches: A Buyer's Guide

At Select Wood Watches, we are passionate about eco-fashion and making purchasing decisions that protect the environment. That’s why we strictly carry what we consider to be the top three brands of wooden watches: WeWood, Pono and Tense. There are literally dozens of other brands out there, but we simply don’t trust them! The big three we carry are known for their quality, craftsmanship and style. We can only stand behind companies we believe in and know are run by responsible people. Our watches are not only highly fashionable and highly reliable, but they are also highly sustainable! Wood watches are the wave of the future. They are a great way to bring a bit of nature into your style, while making a purchase that you can feel good about. With this buyer’s guide, we’ve broken down the ins and outs of buying a watch for you, so you can make sure that you are getting one that fits your fashion sense as well as your common sense.

Movement: Watches That Tell Time Are What it’s All About!

Obviously, the most important thing when buying a watch is getting one that tells time. They aren’t just fashion accessories, after all. Watches need to be accurate and reliable. When you’re shopping around for a new watch, you will often come across the term Movement. Movement is the word for the tiny metal parts and gears inside of the watch that make it tick. Some movements are much better than others, and what kind of movement your watch has determines how dependable your watch will be. Sure, you could go with that $20 watch from your local superstore, but it likely has a poorly-made movement, which means that it probably doesn’t keep time very well.

What Kind of Movement Should I Get?

Select Wood Watches only carry brands that exclusively use Miyota movement technology. Made in Japan, Miyota is one of the top, most trusted manufacturers of watch movements. Sure, everyone always talks about how great Swiss-made movements are, and they’re right! The Swiss make some fine watch movements. Miyota movements, however, are half the price of Swiss-made movements and are every bit as reliable. That’s why Select Wood Watches are able to sell these terrific timepieces at such a low price!

Comfort & Fit

Nobody wants a watch that isn’t going to fit comfortably on their wrist, or worse — is going to give them a rash. The best kind of watches are the ones that are light weight, smooth, hypoallergenic and adjustable.

Light Weight

Metal watches can be cumbersome to lug around. They are often heavy on your wrist, which can be uncomfortable. Wooden watches, on the other hand, are super light weight. Our watches are typically less than two ounces, so you barely notice that you’re wearing them at all!


Where metal watches are often cold and irritating against your skin, wood watches have a smooth, comfortable, earthy feel. Select Wood Watches carries only the top brands of wood watches, so each one is expertly crafted to feel amazing against your skin.


Skin can be rather sensitive. It is always disappointing to buy a beautiful new piece of jewelry, just to find that it leaves your skin a different color than it was before (we’ve all been there). Many metals can be irritating to the skin. We only carry watches that are made with 100% natural wood, free of harmful preservatives and toxic dyes and chemicals, thus greatly reducing your risk of having an allergic reaction to your newest accessory.


Everyone’s wrist is a different size, and you shouldn’t have to take your watch into a specialty shop to get it adjusted to fit you. Our wood watches are adjustable! You can easily customize the fit of your watch by adding or removing the wood links on the watch, so they are designed to be of maximum convenience and comfort for you.

Sustainability: Environmental & Social Responsibility

Did you know that many of the top-selling metal watches on the market are actually harmful to the environment? You see, they are made with precious metals, which are not only rare, but difficult and damaging to the planet to extract. Wood is recyclable and reusable. Many of the timepieces that Select Wood Watches carries are made with 100% recycled wood. With each purchase of some of our wood watches, a new tree will be planted! Plus, the brands we work with are known for contributing to social causes and organizations.

How To Care For Your Wood Watch

One of the great perks of owning a wooden watch is that it doesn’t require a whole lot of maintenance. You aren’t going to be spreading Pledge or any ridiculously over-priced special oil or polish over it. Just wear it frequently, and the oils of your skin will take care of the rest! Remember, at Select Wood Watches, we are passionate about fashion that is earth friendly, and we like to celebrate natural beauty. As such, we make sure that the watches we sell aren’t treated with any chemicals, and that they will stay strong, beautiful and ticking, without help from wood treatments. If you do decide you want to give your watch a little extra sheen, though, you can always use a cotton cloth to spread on an equal mixture of olive oil and lemon juice. You can also use walnut oil or beeswax to give your wood watch an extra protective coating.

Since they are natural wood without chemical treatment, though, that does mean that you need to be careful with water. If you get a little water splashed up there while you’re washing your hands, your wood watch will be fine. However, you don’t want to go swimming with it or wear it in the shower. Wood can warp with a lot of water exposure, so keeping it dry is your safest bet.

Like any other watch, you’ll need to get the battery replaced every couple of years. When the time comes, just take it into a watch or jewelry shop and have them replace the battery for you. If you need a tighter or looser fit for your watch band, you can easily adjust the size of the band yourself with a link removal tool! Use the tool to remove and add wooden links to your band for the perfect fit. You can also purchase extra links for your watch if you need a larger size.

The Bottom Line

With each dollar you spend, you are casting a vote for what kinds of companies and practices you want to support. When you buy one of our gorgeous wooden watches, not only are you getting a reliable timepiece that speaks to your excellent sense of style, but you are also getting one that has a positive impact on the environment and communities. Select Wood Watches is proud to support WeWOOD, Pono and Tense. They have our vote!


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