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Six People to Gift a Wooden Watch

The stress of gift giving can be overwhelming and often results in a gift card or other “safe,” non-descript present that says that you like the person just enough to thoughtlessly spend a few bucks. Today’s gift cards are comparable to yesterday’s cash in a card, and real gifts are being replaced by monetary equivalents. Still, many people want to give a “real” gift, and it can be stressful to get something for someone who is expecting a plastic card with a gift receipt. That is why wooden watches make a spectacular gift. They are rare, fashionable, envirnomentally-friendly, one-of-a-kind, and a safe bet when it comes to wanting to please your recipient. 


6 People to Gift a Wooden Watch

1. The gadget guy, or gal

Wooden watches are the ultimate gadget because they combine the natural aesthetic of wood with the technical aspects of clockwork. The watches have the same technology available on all other watches, and there are even wooden watch bands made for smartwatches. The gadget guy or gal has to have this in his arsenal of goodies. 

2. The overworked mom or dad

The overworked dad may be wearing a digital Casio on his wrist, not because he can’t afford anything else but because it is all he had time for. An overworked mom might have a fashion watch, but she knows it is cheap and hopes no one will notice. It works, and that is all that matters. Wrong. The overworked parent deserves a little pampering, and an elegant watch will make him or her feel like efforts are noticed and appreciated. 

3. The fashion diva 

This also applies to men and women. Maybe you want to get someone a watch but know that their fashion sense is so finicky that it’s impossible that they’ll like a gift. In this case, a gift card seems like the right choice, but you really want to give a tangible gift. A wooden watch is a game changer in this situation, and many models and celebrities have sported wooden watches in all kinds of attire. 

4. The environmentally conscious

A person who is very concerned about the environment will appreciate something made from reclaimed wood rather than from the lumber mill, and wooden watches create a pro-Earth image because they are environmentally friendly. 

5. The collector

Did we mention that wooden watches are unique? Each one is one-of-a-kind because of the grains of wood from which they are made. It’s a watch collectors dream. 

6. The fashion victim

Lastly, wooden watches are great for those who lack a keen fashion sense because they go with everything. What could go wrong? 

Most people can fit into one of the six types of people who should be gifted a wooden watch, and they are still a rare item, so there’s a good chance your loved one doesn’t have one yet or would like another. They’re stylish, Earth-friendly, and versatile, which means they are a great gift for all.