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Thick or Thin, Women’s Watches are About Making a Statement

Thick or Thin, Watches are About Making a Statement

Decades ago, a woman’s watch was supposed to be delicate, intricate, and a symbol of femininity. Watch bands were thin, faces small, and clasps were only big enough to be barely closed by the graceful fingers of a lady. It was like a bracelet with a useful purpose.  In some respects, these watches were timeless beauties, but they were also boring. They represented the fashion box women desperately needed to break out of, and oh how things have changed!

Women wearing athletic watches has been normal for quite some time, but women wearing thick-banded watches? Athletic watches came in men’s and women’s versions, and the women’s versions were thinner. It was as if a woman could not possibly hold the weight of a man-sized timepiece on her wrist. 

Then, something happened. Chunky watches came on the scene, and women began wearing large watches. Then, boyfriend watches became popular, which were very similar to men’s watches but marketed for women. The delicate watch still existed, but it was less popular. Large watches had multiple benefits, and they were a new craze in women’s fashion. Today, watches come in nearly every size for every sex, but large watches still have many advantages over small for both men and women.


Benefits of Large Watches for Women

1. Visibility: The biggest advantage to large women’s watches is that they are easy to read. The small faces of small fashion watches sometimes lack numbers, and many lack any references to anything but 12 o’clock. On a small face, it is difficult to make estimates. However, large faces improve estimates and make accurate time-telling with numbers possible when applicable. The utility of wristwatches returns with larger faces, and women can even have the date or other dials on their watches. 

2. Utility: Large watches also allow for the expansion of sport watches and smartwatches for women to have the same technologies and gadgetries as those of men. Smartwatches are just as useful to women today because they are built in similar sizes. 

3. Perspective: Interestingly, the bulkier the wristband size, the smaller the arm appears. This is very apparent when worn by petite females who seek the pint-sized look, but it is also true in larger women. Large watches can have a slimming look, which is appealing to most women regardless of their size. 

4. Style: The women’s watch world needed a change, and watches were boring with their common, small faces and slim wristbands. Large, chunky watches were like large, chunky bracelets. They were statement pieces, and they became so popular that they could be dressed up or down for different occasions. 

Today’s women’s watches come in all sizes, and the delicate watches from decades ago are as strongly preferred as large, statement pieces. It is as if every style of a watch has a place, but now, it is about uniqueness and expression. A run-of-the-mill watch from a department store is no longer acceptable. Watches are now a reflection of the self. This may be because people carry their cell phones with them, but watches add a fashion element that makes purchasing them more fun, more special, and more important.