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Water and Wooden Watches May Mix

Water and Wooden Watches May Mix

When purchasing a wooden watch, one of the many things a person may wonder is whether or not the watch is waterproof. In the watch world, waterproof is not typical. The word has a more-specific meaning when it has to do with watches.

When buying a wooden watch, most people aren’t thinking about water sports, but there are many wooden watches that are water-resistant. Tense watches is one of multiple companies that make watches that can handle being submerged. 

Most watches are not waterproof, and this is because they are only “waterproof” up to a certain depth. Water-resistance is measured in Bars, which are the equivalent of 1 atmospheric pressure unit (ATM). Resistance is multiplied by 10 to get it into meters. 

How Water-resistant is a Watch?

Therefore, a watch that is water resistance to 30 meters, or 3 Bars, will lightly resist water from splashes but should not be submerged for long periods of time. Five Bars are okay for swimming but not diving or deep water sports. Ten Bars is okay for swimming, but it is not quite resistant enough for diving. Lastly, 30 Bars or higher is good for just about any water activity. 


Other things to consider is that water-resistance is eliminated if the crown is unscrewed or chronograph buttons are pushed. Wearing a watch in the shower or hot tub may also introduce steam, which can weaken seals. 

So, it is a challenge to wear a watch full-time if you are a diver or deep-water who-knows-what. But who is wearing wooden watches while diving?

In reality, wooden watches are perfect for formal or informal occasions, which means they are good for indoors or out. If you are an avid hiker, a wooden watch is a perfect match to the natural setting, but you may get wet. This may happen during a fall into a stream or even an intentional splash in a waterfall. Likewise, wooden watches compliment beachwear, but you may want to take a dip. 

When buying a wooden watch, consider the actualities about where you are going to wear the watch. Are you going to forget to take it off when getting in the shower? Are you going to wear it to the beach? Wear and tear on wooden watches is a different subject, but you don’t want to render it useless by wearing a watch that is not water-resistant. Consider water resistant wooden watches, and make sure your timepiece lasts. 

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