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WeWood Kappa Black RO Wooden Watch
WeWood Kappa Black RO Wooden Watch
WeWood Kappa Black RO Wooden Watch

WeWood Kappa Black RO Wooden Watch

WeWood Watches

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Are you looking to join the ranks of so many people who are trying to change their lives and live in a more ecologically friendly and sustainable way? It can be a hard thing to do when we look at all the small ways we might impact the world around us. Fortunately, the folks at WeWOOD have figured out at least one way you can please yourself and the environment in one purchase. Their fabulous Kappa Black, Blackwood watch provides you with a gorgeous fashion forward time piece, while taking every element of its production and packaging into account for both eco-friendly and sustainability considerations. Native to Tasmanian forests, Blackwood, the wood this beautiful watch is made from, is a hardwood that's easy to work, stable and lasts a long time. Because the seeds are so durable, they remain viable for decades and the trees are easy to grow, making them a very sustainable resource. Your WeWOOD, Blackwood watch comes from a natural element that may have slight variations in color depending on the age of the wood and the individual tree it came from. This boldly stylish watch is made from 100% natural sustainable wood, hypo-allergenic, free of toxic materials and features a multifunction Miyota movement and a hardened, scratch proof mineral glass. Adjustable in a way that allows it to fit almost any wrist, this surprisingly lightweight watch is comfortable, reliable and fashion forward. When you buy this stunning Kappa Black RO watch, you're not only purchasing an eye catching time piece that's amazingly lightweight to wear and gorgeous to look at, you're also supporting a company that is in line with your desire to reduce your impact on the environment. Keeping ecological and sustainability principals always in mind, and answering your need for a great looking time piece, the folks at WeWOOD are here to help you meet both your fashion and environmental goals.

Features and Specifications

ユ   100% Natural Wood
ユ   Hypo-allergenic
ユ   Completely free of toxic chemicals
ユ   Multi-function Miyota movement
ユ   Hardened, scratch-proof mineral glass
ユ   Adjustable to fit most any wrist

Wood Watch Dimensions:
BAND: 8 1/4" (210 mm)
FACE (including wood frame/bezel): 1 3/4 inches (46.00 mm) across, and 7/16 inches (11.11mm) thick