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WeWood Motus Chocolate Wooden Watch

WeWood Motus Chocolate Wooden Watch

WeWood Watches

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Chocolate and nature are the perfect combination for all things that mean ultimate happiness! The happiness and beauty of chocolate and nature are combined in this exquisite watch designed and manufactured by WeWood and sold to you for the lowest prices available anywhere by Select Wood Watches. If you are a fan of natural beauty and rich earthy colors then you will absolutely fall in love with this Metis Chocolate wood watch. It is like the chocolate that always lasts. Now you can have your chocolate and eat it too! The wood used in the crafting of this beautiful watch is Indian Rosewood. This hearty wood is known for its strength, heavy durability and the beautiful hue it takes on when polished. The chocolate toned wood is sure to make you feel like you are in a chocolate forest! This watch is made from completely natural and 100! Solid Indian Rosewood. No fake veneer wood here! This watch is totally hypoallergenic as well as completely devoid of harmful chemicals. We take your health very seriously and we also take very seriously the health of our planet. The packaging of this watch is completely recyclable and it was even made from previously recycled materials! Yay for sustainability! This watch is totally adjustable and will fit almost any size as long as you are able to take out the desired number of thinks through the use of the link removal/pin removal tool. You will need a tool that is specifically for pins, not screws. If you don't know where to borrow one from, you can always purchase one right here at Select Wood Watches. We are proud to present you this high quality Metis Chocolate wood watch for the lowest price anywhere! Ask one of our customer service agents about our low price guarantee today!

Features and Specifications

ユ  100% Natural Wood
ユ  Hypo-allergenic
ユ  Completely free of toxic chemicals
ユ  Miyota movement
ユ  New Date Window
ユ  Hardened, scratch-proof mineral glass
ユ  Luminous ink markers - Glow in the dark hands
ユ   Adjustable to fit any wrist

Wood Watch Dimensions:
BAND: 8 1/4" (210 mm)
FACE (including wood frame/bezel): 1 3/4 inches (46.00 mm) across, and 7/16 inches (11.11mm) thick