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Q: Are all of the watches a Select Wood Watches eco-friendly?

A: Yes! At Select Wood Watches, we are committed to preserving our natural environment. We make sure that we are providing our customers only with sustainable products, by working with trusted, eco-conscious manufacturers. Different brands go about being eco-friendly in different ways. For instance, WeWOOD plants a new tree with every watch it sells. That is a lot of trees planted! No matter how they go about it, all of the brands that Select Wood Watches carry are known for keeping the planet in mind while they create their beautiful designs.

Q: How does buying a wooden watch help the environment?

A: Traditional watches are typically made out of precious metals, which can be really damaging to the planet to extract. Our selection of wooden watches, however, are made with recycled materials and without any harmful dyes or irritants. Unlike metal watches, our wood watches don’t use earth-damaging (and skin-damaging) chemicals and toxins. So, not only are they more environmentally-friendly, but they are more hypoallergenic as well. It is as natural as you can get!

Q: Are wood watches bulky or uncomfortable?

A: Not at all! In fact, we challenge you to find a timepiece made from a different material that is more comfortable to wear on your wrist. Our selection of wooden watches are super lightweight. If it weren’t for all of the compliments you got on it, you might even forget that it’s there! And, as we mentioned before, these watches aren’t treated with skin-irritating dyes or preservatives. This means that at Select Wood Watches, we carry not only the most earth-friendly watches around, but we also carry the most skin-friendly watches around! All of our watches are adjustable, and can be made bigger or smaller with the addition or removal of links, so your eco-friendly watch will fit on your wrist comfortably. With our vast selection of different shapes and sizes, everyone is guaranteed to find a wood wrist watch that would feel good to them!

Q: What is meant by “Movement”? Why does it matter?

A: Movement refers to the metal mechanisms inside of the watch that makes them able to tell time. What kind of movement the watches use is highly important, because nobody wants a watch that can’t accurately tell time. You can have the most beautiful, hand-crafted, eco-friendly watch in the world, but if the movement isn’t any good, then what’s the point? At Select Wood Watches, all of the wood watches we carry are made with Miyoto movements, developed and manufactured in Japan. Miyoto is world-famous for producing the highest quality and most environmentally responsible movements for watches that there are. They are always up-to-date regarding the latest information in hazardous materials, so their movements are always safe and eco-friendly. Not to mention — they keep exquisite time!

Q: What kind of wood is used?

A: From Rosewood, to Sandalwood, from Maple to Walnut, our wood watches are made using a variety of different types of wood. Our Tense watches come from a variety of different trees, from all over the world. Our WeWOOD watches are made with recycled and repurposed wood of all different varieties. And our Pono watches are made from Koa wood from The Big Island of Hawaii!  One thing that makes wood watches extra special, is that just like each tree is unique, each wood wrist watch is unique! Because our watches are all natural and aren’t treated with chemicals and dyes, there isn’t anything forcing each one to have an identical coloring. While all watches of the same model are going to be the same in design and very similar in coloring and texture, each one will be slightly different because they came from different trees. The wood from one maple tree doesn’t look identical to the wood from another maple tree, does it? So, when you buy a wood watch from Select Wood Watches, you are buying a watch that is truly unique to you!

So what are you waiting for?

Purchasing a timepiece from Select Wood Watches is an investment. Our prices are guaranteed to be the lowest online. But don’t mistake low prices and convenience for shoddy products. Like time itself, our finely made wood watches just keep on running. They are timeless. Just like you!

Select Wood Watches offers a wide variety of one-of-a-kind watches that offer both quality and functionality. Contact us today for more information!