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WeWood Kappa Beige Wooden Watch
WeWood Kappa Beige Wooden Watch
WeWood Kappa Beige Wooden Watch
WeWood Kappa Beige Wooden Watch

WeWood Kappa Beige Wooden Watch

WeWood Watches

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Maple wood, adjustable and outfitted with multi-function Miyota movement; the Kappa Beige is an intricately detailed 100% all-natural wood timepiece. The Kappa Beige is completely hypoallergenic, free of any kinds of toxic chemical treatment, dyes, alcohols or preservatives. The only metal exposed to skin contact is the metal clasp; other than this the WeWood Kappa Beige is predominantly wood- the rest of the metal innerworkings and parts are encased in the durable and versatile maple wood. The detail in the Kappa Beige timepiece is masterful each of the three dials in the clock face have numbers detailed and matching neon green dial hands. The main clock face has engraved grey hour markers and grey dial hands. The signature WeWood logo is engraved in the middle above the clock dial hands. Around the face of the hardened scratchproof mineral glass is more detailed tick marks, indicating minutes. The Kappa Beige is easily adjustable a matter of simple pushing out a pin and removing a link and replacing the clasp with the pin. The beautiful maple wood grain makes this watch a charming fashion timepiece and accessory, admired across many styles and demographics, in different social circles and by different age groups: The WeWood Kappa Beige promises a newly planted tree for each one purchased, and that's something everyone can value, on top of its charming appearance and state-of-the-art Miyota movement. Even more value in the unique style of the WeWood Kappa Beige watch is the fact that each watch is made with trees collected from different seasons and times, so the wood may be slightly lighter or darker. The important innerworkings and mechanisms of WeWood's Kappa Beige are protected inside the maple wood, and designed specifically to size and weight of each timepiece, creating a watch that is truly built to last.

Features and Specifications

ユ   100% Natural Wood
ユ   Hypo-allergenic
ユ   Completely free of toxic chemicals
ユ   Premium Multi-function Miyota movement
ユ   Hardened, scratch-proof mineral glass
ユ   Adjustable to fit most any wrist

Wood Watch Dimensions:
BAND: 8 1/4" (210 mm)
FACE (including wood frame/bezel): 1 3/4 inches (46.00 mm) across, and 7/16 inches (11.11mm) thick